September 17, 2016

Angelo T. DiBartolo wrote: Cant say enough good things about the Tweer family. When you get a family business that has been selling boats for over 40 years you get more then just a boat. These guys and their entire staff take great pride in the quality and services they provide. I have done a ton of research on Pioneer boats (over 2 years). There is no doubt this is the best boat in its classification and price range. The reason I came up from Ocean City NJ to purchase my boat from Hobby Lobby was how they included my wife and children in the process. You can tell family is important to these guys. They will address all your questions and concerns and make sure your are 100% satisfied. I highly recommend stopping in to see these guys!!


January 8, 2016

Bob Meola wrote: Great Marina. Well maintained. Great staff and mechanics. Always ready to help to keep you running.


August 26, 2015

Ken Seymour wrote: Great people take pride in their work and how the they do business.


August 3, 2015

Tom Cabbit wrote:

Great marina at a perfect location.... Near my house! :) Awesome service here, bar none!


April 27, 2015

Frank Kosopolis wrote:

Great Marina - owners and staff are top notch! My self and family have been going there for decades


April 2, 2003
Bob Tweer
Hobby Lobby Marine

I am really glad I chose your dealership when I purchased my boat and motor. I had a problem due the extraordinary cold winter of 2003. You stepped up and took responsibility. The motor was repaired in three days without charge. A customer can't ask for better quality service than that. I would recommend your dealership to anyone without hesitation.

As you can surmise from this letter, I am really impressed with the way Hobby Lobby still treats a customer 4 years after a purchase.

Your team is really top notch.

Ray Bickel


23 Saddle Hill Road
Far Hills, NJ 07931-2205

September 26, 2002
Joey Weller
Customer Relations Manager
Grady White Boats, Inc.
5121 Greenville Blvd., NE
Greenville, NC 27834

Dear Joey,

I could not return this survey to you without a brief note regarding the "team" at Hobby Lobby Marine in Toms River, NJ led by Bob and Tom Tweer. The 222 Fisherman you surveyed me on is in fact our second Grady White boat. Last year, we purchased a 28ft. Sailfish from the Tweer's at the NY Boat Show and found the care they gave both us and our boat to be exemplary. At times, our 28 was a bit big for the shallow Barnegat Bay and with our teenagers planning on spending the summer working and playing at our home in Loveladies, NJ we purchased at 17ft. Mako with Mercury engine. The boat was a huge disappointment and though we bought it for it's shallow draft we had not anticipated how that would affect the overall stability and performance of the boat. It also had numerous "issues" upon delivery that required it to be hauled out of the water and there was no effort made by Causeway Marine to repair and return our boat to us in a timely manner. Put it this way, with the summer ahead of us, teenagers at home and their boat in dry dock, we were very frustrated. It was hard to admit we had made a serious and costly mistake but we called the Tweer's for advice. We made a Saturday morning trip up to their marina and returned that afternoon for our "gently used" 222 Fisherman and we have never looked back. What a great boat! The ride and stability on the water as well as the superior construction of the boat provided my son and I with many hours of shallow bay fishing this summer and some really great catches. Combined with the Yamaha engine the kids have also enjoyed tubing and wake boarding behind this very versatile boat. Of course our Sailfish "Egg Sta Sea" is still our pride and joy and we and enjoy taking it out fishing and cruising in the ocean. Our teenagers handle the 22 with ease and we are comfortable knowing they are safe and secure when fishing with friends in the bay. We always reflect on how lucky we were with our first major boat purchase and in meeting the Tweer's. We know we have the best of the best in both our "Grady White Fleet" and our relationship with the Hobby Lobby Marine Team.

The Bergh Family
Catherine, Paul, Eric(18) and Caitlin(16)

PS... Just a thought.. .It would be great if you printed a "fisherman's ruler" on the toe rails for ease in measuring the catch. Tired of scrambling for a ruler and faithful to following the regulations, we have a laminated strip attached to our toe rail, which is chronically peeling and needs replacement. It would be a great "fishing" aid if it were imprinted on the toe rails permanently.


Eddie C. Smith Jr., CEO
Kris Carrol, President
Grady White Boats
PO Box 1527
Greenville, NC 27835

Dear Mr. Smith and Ms. Carrol:

I recently purchased a new, 248 Voyager from a Grady White Dealer in Toms River, New Jersey. The name of the dealership is Hobby Lobby and is owned by Mr. Thomas and Robert Tweer. I reside in a suburb of Buffalo, New York and the prospect of buying such a rather large ticket item, so far away, was at first a bit intimidating.

I must say I can never remember having ever been given as much fine service and consideration in any product I have purchased in my life. These fine gentlemen laterally rolled out the red carpet for me. I made many telephone calls to their marina and each time, no matter where they were, they would always manage to get to the phone, or if not, they would promptly call me back. All my questions were answered. Appropriate literature was always sent in a timely fashion. I got o the point where I looked forward to talking to these gentlemen over the telephone, because they were so unbelievably accommodating to me. Last week I made the trip with my young son, down to Toms River and again I received first class treatment from them. They prepared to spend the whole afternoon, if necessary, explaining the boat to me.

After meeting Bob and Tom the boat was thoroughly explained to me by one their fine mechanics. We then went out for a shakedown cruise and I can state that absolutely all my questions were answered. Following this, the electronics of the boat were thoroughly explained by another fine gentleman who works for them. I cannot count the number of times the Robert tweer told me not to hesitate to call him at any time, for any question, while I was in buffalo. He also told me that if at any time I felt that I was not receiving proper service from my boat to please call him, so that he could also become involved. Needless to say, I left Toms River with a sense of security knowing that I could call the marina and receive guidance concerning any matter regarding my boat. I would not hesitate to highly recommend these two, fine gentlemen to anybody considering buying a boat, specifically, a Grady White

Ralph C. Sperrazza, MD


Kris Shepard
President, Grady-White Boats
July 15, 2000
Dept. MB&S
5121 Greenville Boulevard, N.E.
Greenville, NC 27834

Dear Kris Shepard,

I am writing to you today to let you know what a great job Tom and Bob Tweer are doing, selling and delivering Grady White boats. We were in the market for a 20-21 foot center console, that can handle some serious fishing and still be able to entertain the family. We had looked at all comparable makes but none had the features and quality that Grady offers.

After searching we went in and talked to Tom about the different models and it turned out that the Escape 209 was the model we were looking for. Tom took the time to explain all of the features that a Grady offers compared to the competition and why this boat was our logical choice.

Tom handled us off to Bob to take care of the prep and delivery. Bob had the boat done in no time, clean, painted and in the water ready to go. The demonstration that we got was extremely thorough and informative. .

Thanks again, looking forward to our next Grady.
Sincerely yours,
Brian McCue / Kris MacDermant

cc: Hobby Lobby Marine


Ms. Kris Carroll
President, Grady-White Boats
Dept. MB&S
P.O. Box 1527
Greenville, NC 27834

Dear President Carrol,

My wife and I purchased a Grady White from Hobby Lobby Marine in Toms River, New Jersey last year. We have had outstanding service from Bob Tweer and his brother Tom. They are not only good at the sales end of the transaction but they are outstanding in their service. I only wish that other transactions with other businesses were as good as the one with Hobby Lobby.

They are a credit to the Grady White Family. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely yours,
Donald and Lise Harman


June 9, 1995

Eddie C. Smith, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Grady-White Boats
P.O. Box 1527
Greenville, NC 27835

Dear Mr. Smith:

I would like to start this letter by stating that your product is outstanding and unequaled by your competition. I purchased the 226 Seafarer model in April 1995. This is my fourth boat and the one I intend to keep for a long time. When I chose to "go for the best," I narrowed the shopping list to Mako, Boston Whaler, Pursuit, and Grady-White. The competition fell one by one; Boston Whaler-great boat but no walk-around models and a very shaky company; Pursuit- great quality but lacks Grady-White refinement and amenities; and finally, Mako-solid construction but poor dealer representation and not even close to Grady-White quality in fit and finish or useful design.

This brings me to the real purpose of this letter. I needed to shop only one dealer to confirm my choice would be Grady-White and that it would be purchased from Hobby Lobby Marine in Toms River, New Jersey. I have been in the automotive retail and wholesale business for 22 years and can sense from the exterior condition of the facility whether there is pride living on the inside. After walking in the facility and speaking to Tom Tweer, I knew that this was the place I would buy the boat. The sales process was the most simple, straightforward, and honest I have ever experienced. Tom turned me over to his brother Bob for the electronic outfitting and delivery of the boat.

The condition of the boat at delivery told me that only the highest quality preparation representative of the Grady-White product was done. I really cannot say enough how pleased I am with all the employees at Hobby Lobby Marine who were part of the process of selling, prepping, and delivering the boat. Although I have owned this boat less than 60 days, I have no doubt it will live up to my expectations.

In closing, I would like to request that you pass on a thank you to the Tweers and Hobby Lobby Lobby Marine. They are are absolutely a credit to the Grady-White organization, and there is no other boat or dealer i would recommend to a friend.

James J. Sapunarich
Regional Service manager
New York Region
Toyota Motor Distributors, Inc.


Grady-White Boats, Inc
PO Box 1527.
Greenville, NC 27834-1527

Attention: Vice President/Sales

Dear Sir:

Enclosed you will find my Grady-White Owners Survey Form. I also thought I would take some time to share with you my experiences which ultimately led to my acquiring a Grady.

I began shopping for a twin console boat back in August 94'. I looked at Mako and Pursuit but just wasn't satisfied with their products and especially their dealer responsiveness. I've always liked the overall look, quality and seaworthy reputation of a Grady. However, every time I would approach a Grady booth at a show, to tell a rep. what competitive boats I was looking at, I was met with an aloofness that said, "This is a Grady-White and we're in a higher class, we don't deal." This last experience was at the Norwalk, CT Boat Show in 94'

This attitude eliminated Grady from consideration and caused me to actually contract for a Pursuit. Prior to finalizing the deal, I read your ad about the "Grady Weekend" and we decided to give my local Grady Dealer one more shot at the business. All of my previous intuitions proved to be true to spades. In reviewing my trade- in i was treated with all out rudeness and disrespect. If you are interested I will be happy to supply the name and location of your dealership.

Only at the urging of my wife, did i pick up the phone book and look for another Grady dealer, Hobby Lobby Marine. I met with Tom Tweer and in a matter of minutes, he knew i was a serious buyer and I knew I could work with him. I signed the contract that day! He then introduced me to his brother Bob to work through the preparation and delivery details.

Since signing the contract, to taking the delivery, the folks at Hobby Lobby have met or exceeded every commitment the have made. They are the singularly reason that I am the owner of a Grady-White and a very satisfied one at that. It has been a truly enjoyable experience.

"Skip" Fiore

cc: Hobby Lobby Marine


Ms. Kris Shepard, President
Grady-White Boats
Dept. MB&S
5121 Greenville Boulevard, N.E.
Greenville, NC 27834

Dear Ms. Sheppard:

I recently purchased a 1998 26’ Islander from Hobby Lobby Marine, Toms River, NJ. Bob and Tom Tweer are excellent in selling, maintaining and repairing Grady White Boats.

The reason I purchased another Grady White is that in August 1976, I purchased a 19’ Sportsman from Hobby Lobby. It still looks like new and is currently being used by my stepson. The sportsman has been exclusively in salt water for 21 years, has taken a pounding of surface chop and swells in Barnegat (NJ) Bay and the intense pounding of swells at the mouth of the Barnegat Inlet, the inlet that brings boaters from Barnegat Bay into the Atlantic Ocean. (There are those who say Barnegat Inlet is the most Dangerous inlet on the Eastern Seaboard.) Your Company builds strong boats that last and provide years of pleasurable boating. Moreover, you have excellent representatives for your company in the dealership of Hobby Lobby Marina.

I’m enclosing photographs of my Sportsman for you to share with your employees; you can all be proud of the quality of boats your company has built and continues to build. I thank you and your employees (and Hobby Lobby) for the 21 years of pleasure and safety I’ve experienced with my Sportsman. And I look forward to many years of boating enjoyment with my wonderful new Islander.

Sincerely yours,
Jeffrey Yoanides

Cc: Hobby Lobby Marine


June 3, 2002

Dear Tom,

Thank you falls short in expressing how much we appreciate the time, energy and enthusiasm you, Karen, Bob, Randy and Mark showed us during a very special day for Craig.

A special thank you to Karen for the bow and card which made the surprise even better. And to you, Tom, for recommending the perfect restaurant. The table overlooked the ocean. The food was delicious and Craig's gourmet dessert came with a lit candle.

You deserve every award you've won and many more!

Barbara Harnett


Group Life & Health Insurance Consultant
2205 Christie Lane
Sea Girt, NJ 08750

December 7, 2004

Mr. Edward Rowe, Sales Manager
Grady-White Boats
P O Box 1527
Greenville, NC 27835

Re: My Grady-White 2003 Fisherman

Dear Ed,

I bought my first Grady-White in 2003, after having owned Sea Rays for 30 years. You called me early this year in response to the questionnaire I mailed in - I basically told you that due to a family illness, we hadn't been able to use the boat enough to offer solid, constructive comments, and I promised you I'd get back to you after we got a full season's use out of it in 2004.

I'm happy to advise that we got a lot of water time in this year, and I can now say, unequivocally, that I think my Grady-White "Fisherman 255" is a terrific, top-flight boat in every respect. I consider it the "Cadillac" of boats, meaning it is top quality all the way. In fact, it's so sturdy, I can take it out fishing in heavy ocean seas that I would never before consider taking any of my Sea Rays out in.

In addition, your dealer in Toms River, Hobby Lobby Marine, has been great. The owners, Bob and Tom Tweer, have been fine to us, and their staff is excellent.'s great to be able to work with Bob and Tom personally, because that touch was eliminated at my former Sea Ray dealership. After Marine Max bought them, they became a stiff, impersonal, big corporation; especially in their service area, and I resolved to go elsewhere.

So, to sum it up, it looks like Grady-White and Hobby Lobby are stuck with me, since I expect to buy Grady-Whites for the rest of my boating career!

Thanks for your interest.

Ted Knothe


April 5, 2005

Mr. Frank Longino
Southport Boatworks

Dear Mr. Longino,

Today I took delivery and sea trialed my new Southport 26CC from Hobby Lobby Marine. After months of debate about buying the new boat on the market I took the chance because by all impressions it seems like a winner. Obviously this remains to be seen. However, when I left I knew I bought a boat from the right people. As representatives of your product you should feel very confident. They did a great job; the boat was ready when they said, they had the man who did most of the rigging spend over two hours going over all aspects of the boat and then went on a sea trial with me and reviewed everything and truly wanted to make sure everything was right before I left, not to mention let me keep my boat in their marina until my berthing place is available. I hope the boat meets the expectations I have, I will let you know, one way or the other.

Michael McDonald


November 20, 2006

Grady-White Boats, Inc.
P O Box 1527
Greenville, NJ 27835

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to express my satisfaction with your products, and with the service and courtesies I've received from your authorized dealer, Hobby Lobby Marine in Toms River, New Jersey.

I recently purchased a Marlin 300 at Hobby Lobby. I chose the Marlin because it represents a great combination of functionality for fishing and comfort for my family - but there are other boats available that have features that are similar to the features of the Marlin.

What really sold me on another Grady (this is my second) were the facilities at Hobby Lobby Marine and the excellent customer service I've received from the Hobby Lobby team. The facilities at Hobby Lobby are exceptionally well maintained and family oriented. The restrooms and showers are spotless - having four children, this is very important to my wife and to me. The dock areas are well lighted, neat and safe. Everything is kept clean and orderly, always. Also, I am comforted to know that the staff at Hobby Lobby are always checking on my boat, especially during bad weather.

The sales process for my new boat was very straightforward. I received helpful product information from both Grady and Hobby Lobby and there was no pressure to make a quick decision. I believe that Tom Tweer gave me a very fair deal; we came to agreement on price quickly and painlessly. Robert Tweer provided expert guidance in helping me choose electronics for the Marlin and his team did a great job with the installation. Mike delivered the boat to me and my wife and patiently explained the various features and operational requirements of the boat.

There were a few punch list issues that needed attention and I was very pleased that Robert and his team addressed each item quickly and professionally. Mark and Bobby G. continue to be extremely helpful in answering my questions and providing helpful boating (and fishing) advice.

Your advertisements provide many examples of "family fun" with Grady-White boats. You clearly have a great product, but the quality and professionalism of dealers like Hobby Lobby Marine round out the true "Grady" customer experience.

Congratulations on a great product and on the great representation provided by Hobby Lobby Marine.

Very truly yours,
Alan W. Clark
Attorney at Law
32 Black Horse Run
Belle Mead, NJ 08502